Information 19th Nov 2022

We have listed the top tips to help you keep motivated with your music production:

1. Have a plan
Begin with a concrete idea of what it is you want to achieve and how you are going to go about doing so. Have a vision of what you want the end result to be and make a schedule. Evaluate your day and set some time aside a day for experimenting and exploring musically.

2. Listen to what is out there
Listen to music! Explore different genres that you wouldn’t normally listen to and get inspired to then experiment with your own music. Not only is listening to music good for inspiration, it can also take your mind away from distractions and instead replace it with motivation and creativity.

3. Take breaks!!
It is so important to take breaks, allow yourself the time to let yourself rest. Give your ears a rest, as working them constantly is going to cause difficulty making decisions on critical issues like mixing and audio editing! Allowing your mind to rest and coming back to your project with a fresh mind is going to do wonders for your work. Recharge.

4. Explore new possibilities
Explore new sounds, technologies and opportunities. There are free websites and apps that will allow you to experiment seamlessly. One example is BandLab, which allows you to record, mix and collaborate projects start to finish for free! We also offer free music workshops to young people using our industry influence as professional musicians, artists and practitioners. Read more here.

5. Be yourself
When creating music it is easy to become overwhelmed with thoughts wondering if others would like your music. Instead of worrying what others might think- make music for yourself because you want to and you enjoy it. It will be 100% more rewarding for you to create a song that you truly enjoyed creating.

6. Believe you can do it
Finally- believe in yourself. It can become very easy to give up when something is not going right, but take the process one day at a time and carry on experimenting. If you set your plan in motion, you’re on the way to achieving your goals. Believe!

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