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We want to hear from you... If you are part of an organisation that works with young people or if you are a social worker, carer, guardian or parent looking for a music service for your young person get in touch!

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Educational Benefits

● Reintegration into mainstream school
● Prevention of permanent exclusion
● Skills and practices in research
● Presentations
● Analysis Skills
● Planning

Life skills

● Ability to consider positive and possible next-step options
● Encouraging and developing original thoughts and ideas from concept to execution
● Independent working to leverage opportunities
● Team building and problem-solving skills
● Improved communication skills
● Improved self-motivation in studies/work
● Employability

Personal and Wellbeing Benefits

● Developing relationships in order to build trust using PACE
● Understand & explore their worldview through reflective conversations
● Understand feelings and connecting the behaviour
● Developing coping mechanisms in order to manage emotions and
● Self esteem raised and engaged positively