In Music In Media is a UK based social enterprise that delivers a range of music based programmes to young people on a mobile basis using portable music production, recording and DJ rigs.

About In Music In Media

What We Do...

In Music In Media provides life changing solutions for young people underachieving in education and struggling with behaviour in mainstream school settings and environments.

We independently deliver programmes in various formats such as alternative provisions and stand-alone courses, but we also work with schools, institutions and Local Authorities to design bespoke programmes and also provide advice and support to tackle specific issues and delicate circumstances young people may find themselves in, such as gang culture, drugs and crime involvement.

With recent studies showing a 96% GCSE failure rate for young people in Alternative Provisions in the UK and 1 in 2 being NEET immediately after leaving alternative provision shows the severity and attention needed in this area.

The Support network is needed from parents/guardians, teachers and also local authorities but with extra pressures of the pandemic all resources and capacities have been compromised and therefore having a dedicated team such as ourselves is imperative to see a change for the foreseeable future.

How we do it...

Our approach looks at the three stages (pre, present & post). Understanding no one team can solve the big problem we work with professional networks at all stages with specific focus areas and outcomes.

The entry point of every young person takes into consideration their circumstances and background and we work with specialists in areas such as behaviour science that have come from similar backgrounds to the young people.

Music & Media are the tools we then use to engage the young people in activities where they can gain transferable skills, and taking them on a journey we steer them through to successful exist routes and career paths, using our industry influence as professional musicians, artists and practitioners.

Why us?

We pride our team on their relatability to young people, in a position of strong influence and being able to connect through impressionable mediums such as music & media.

Young People Benefits

▢ Alternative education options
▢ Creation of sustainable Careers
▢ Decrease in Gang Culture & Crime involvement
▢ Future leaders for younger generations

Wider Community Benefits

Young people are the sphere heads of tomorrows society. Inclusivity of all is imperative. Supporting the socially excluded to be a part and take part-ownership will strengthen & help eradicate some of the current issues.