In Music In Media is a UK based social enterprise that delivers a range of music based programmes to young people on a mobile basis using portable music production, recording and DJ rigs.

About In Music In Media

What We Do...

In Music In Media uses music and media activities as a vehicle to guide and empower marginalised young people, creating alternative educational and career pathways for these individuals through a range of On-Site and Outreach programmes.

Our organisation engages in collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, such as Schools, Local Authorities, the Youth Justice System, and Local Communities. These collaborations serve to identify and recruit young people who are experiencing challenging circumstances, offering them opportunities that can significantly impact and transform their lives.

Our dedicated team is comprised of active professionals in Music and the Creative Industries, Teachers, Lecturers, Social Workers, Counsellors and Mental Health Professionals. This enables us provide an holistic and comprehensive approach with a support network to assist in a range of areas within the individuals personal development.

How we do it...

We host in-house programmes from our multimedia facility in Northampton Town centre which houses our music and film studios. In addition to this our outreach team deliver mobile sessions for our partner organisation on their premises using our portable studio rigs.

These programmes are categorised for the various demographics we work with, including young offenders, NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), Excluded and at-risk of exclusion, knife crime and gang culture victims.

Each individuals journey is tailored to meet their unique needs and interests using the following engaging activities; Music Production, Rapping, Singing, Songwriting, Recording, Digital Media and Content Creation. Throughout the journey we provide ongoing mentorship and counselling, ensuring that the young people receive the necessary emotional and professional support.

Educational Benefits

● Reintegration into mainstream school
● Prevention of permanent exclusion
● Skills and practices in research
● Presentations
● Analysis Skills
● Planning

Life skills

● Ability to consider positive and possible next-step options
● Encouraging and developing original thoughts and ideas from concept to execution
● Independent working to leverage opportunities
● Team building and problem-solving skills
● Improved communication skills
● Improved self-motivation in studies/work
● Employability

Personal and Wellbeing Benefits

● Developing relationships in order to build trust using PACE
● Understand & explore their worldview through reflective conversations
● Understand feelings and connecting the behaviour
● Developing coping mechanisms in order to manage emotions and
● Self esteem raised and engaged positively