News 8th Apr 2024

In a landmark moment for local education and creative innovation, our community celebrated the official opening of the MU Creative Space, a multimedia educational facility, and the brainchild of the Musically Unorthodox (MU) project. The grand opening, graced by Mayor Cllr Stephen Hibbert and Mayoress Liz Cox, marks a significant milestone in In Music In Media’s journey towards revolutionising how we approach education and creativity.

The Journey of The MU
The Musically Unorthodox, or MU project, embarked on its ambitious journey back in 2017 as a mobile project. In 2023, with initial funding from Youth Music, the project established its own centre dedicated to exploring the confluence of music, film, digital arts, and more, redefining the boundaries of traditional education through the power of multimedia.

A Summer of Creative Exploration
The summer of 2023 was a testament to the vibrancy and potential of the MU project, running a range of pilot programmes from holiday clubs for young creatives to Producer and Artist Camps in collaboration with local artists and producers. Additional funding from the National Lottery’s Million Hours Fund further validated the impact and necessity of our mission, launching the MU Class of ’23.

These pilots helped mould our course curriculum and formats of activities based on participant responses and feedback. In September, we welcomed our first Alternative Provision cohort, which has since been a success. Covering a wide array of disciplines, including music production, film production, podcasting, DJing, and graphic design, the provision has been a pioneering effort to provide accredited courses in multimedia.

Support for School Leavers and Young Adults Not in Employment
We discovered that while school-aged students could access funding for programmes and provisions like ours, opportunities diminished post-leaving school. This insight propelled us to secure funding for our programmes, specifically catered to NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) individuals, aiming to bridge the gap and offer sustained creative and educational support.

Official Opening and Looking Forward
Having a solid, tried and tested model and infrastructure, we could officially launch our creative space. This official opening of the centre by Mayor Cllr Stephen Hibbert and Mayoress Liz Cox not only signifies community and governmental endorsement of the MU project but also heralds a new era of creative education. Their presence and support underscore the importance of innovative educational models and the role of creativity in shaping future generations.

Our courses are now open for bookings, inviting students aged 11 – 25 to embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and creation. These courses, set to run throughout the year on a cycle, promise to be a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for many.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey
As we step into this new chapter, we extend an invitation to all aspiring creatives and educators to explore the possibilities that the MU project has to offer. For a full list of available courses and to apply, please visit our website at MUEDUCATION.UK

The MU project is more than just an educational initiative; it’s a movement toward embracing the unconventional, promoting talent, and reimagining the future of creative education. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, one where creativity knows no bounds and education transcends traditional barriers. Together, we can shape a brighter, more creative future for all.

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