News 3rd Oct 2019

Joshua and Sodiq were the recording artists in the group from Northampton Academy, who took part in our Musically Unorthodox project. The project worked with various schools and groups of young people across Northamptonshire, giving them the opportunity to explore the less traditional music skills with the support of active music professionals in these fields. The project was funded by Youth Music National Charity, who are hosting their first ‘Youth Music Awards’ on Wednesday 16 October 2019 at Battersea Arts Centre, London. Josh & Sodiqs track has been shortlisted for the ‘Lyricist Award’ which is a great achievement for the pair being up against 600 + nominations from across the country.

Josh says, “I have always wanted to have a music career and be a rapper. My favorite music genres are Grime and Rap. I like to listen to artists like Polo G as I feel he has real meanings in his lyrics, where as a lot of rappers just talk about things that are not relevant to real life. I took this approach when we wrote our song for the project. This was the first time I actually got to do these types of music activities. I got to learn how beats are made, layering the digital instruments and then arranging the song. It gave me a lot more confidence in music and how to go about getting involved in the music industry.”

Sodiq says, “I have always liked to listen to music and I have an uncle who is s a part-time DJ. My favorite music genres are Grime and RnB. The first time I actually got to produce my own music was on the Musically Unorthodox project, where we made our own song. I also learned more about DJing and got the chance to perform. Since this I have starred in a Music video and have been interested in doing more. I looked into doing the music BTEC but was put off as it was more geared towards traditional music activities and instruments like playing drums.”

Daniel Johnson at In Music In Media says, “The song’s concept was a joint a collaboration from the whole group, then the artists took the ideas and created lyrics from the words. The lyrics demonstrate a very mature perception on current global issues which was very impressive coming from a group of secondary school students. Both students expressed at the start of the programme they would like to be rappers and that they had never done it prior to the project.”


Josh & Sodiq – Fake News (Audio)

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