The Finer Details

Independently produce a music / media piece exploring the processes and range of additional skills

10 Session programme

Target Audience:
Students on a temporary exclusion programme from mainstream education

Students on temporary exclusion programmes are usually at a borderline point and can go either way depending on the impact of the support mechanism in place. It’s common for these students to struggle with the traditional academic approach in mainstream education and as a result in many cases their predicted achievement levels are low and limits the GCSEs they aim to sit. This is unfortunate as every young person has a talent and the potential to achieve success in their talent if given the opportunity.

Not all of these talents fall within the national curriculum and the traditional accredited courses do not accomodate other forms of assessment methods and therefore requires the students to able to adapt to this format of study restricting the schools approach to only accomodate this format.

Our programme uses music and media based activities which allows us to incorporate a range of additional talents and interests of the young people, and through the processes they are able to gain transferable skills that can contribute to their academic study in subjects such as english, maths, ICT, science, art and design.

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