The Finer Details

It is common knowledge that there is an increased rate of crime, gang culture, mental health, unemployment and education failures among young people today in the UK and the responsibility is on the Local Authorities to solve the problem. We understand there are other sectors and industries that can help solve these problems one being our partners The Progressive Network who connects these sectors together in one space.

Approach: Our other services focus on steering young people through their current situation, which is achieving successful results, however to have a greater impact and reduce the numbers on a mass scale, a bigger scale operation which incorporates all segments of society such as parenting, education, local authorities and corporate industries is needed.

Full Chain System: Looking at all aspects of what needs to happen to solve the problem we have a full chain system which is devised into three segments (pre, during & post). The aim is to transform the young peoples mindset but also the teachers and parents approach, that after the young persons breakthrough they go back into a new environment with a new mindset.  Once this has been achieved the young people can be funnelled into different spaces such as apprenticeships, youth leadership programmes and career pathways.

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