Case Study 23rd Jul 2018

CE Academy sent a group of students from year 10 and 11 to our Musically Unorthodox programme at the University of Northampton. The programmes aim is to give young people the opportunity to explore a range of non-traditional musical skills such as DJing, digital instrumentation, recording, songwriting, rapping and singing and once familiar with these skills to then create their own production.

The group organically divided into 2 groups, one being the year 10 boys and the other being year 11 girls. Working with the year 11s was a rewarding experience and proved to be a great outlet for these talented young females being able to express themselves through an art form they enjoyed and loved. They both demonstrated they had the drive a passion but were very conscious of sharing their thoughts and voice in front of the group and even us as the tutors. Week after week we seen their confidence growing as they slowly came out of their shells sharing their lyrics, singing drafts of what they had written and even being excited to do so. The end product they completed was full track, written and well produced, incorporating various vocal layers, harmonies and dynamic structure to the song. It’s hard to believe it was the same girls from the start of the programme when they stood up in front of the whole group, three big professional cameras and TV production team and performed the song live.

This video will broadcasted on the “Musically Unorthodox, online music TV show”. Here is the audio of the finished song:

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