The Finer Details

Our DJs have extensive experience in playing to small crowds from 50 people to audiences of thousands covering a range of events such as clubs nights, festivals, weddings and parties using a wide spectrum of DJ tools, equipment and techniques. All these elements are compiled in our DJ Skills workshops making them fun and engaging for our learners in what can be called creative education.

This programme is designed to build young people’s confidence, make their aspiration’s more apparent and help them gain self worth & value while learning a range of new skill’s being steered by the individuals talent.

This programme explores the art of DJing for beginners and experienced DJ’s. DJing is a fun skill which everyone can enjoy as it is not restricted to a  specific music genre, the DJ can choose a selection to his/her musical taste and the art of DJing is to seamlessly link a collection of tracks together.

A DJ’s challenge is to create a unique and enjoyable experience for the listener, created by coherent playlist’s, beat matching, mixing, jingle drop’s and special sound effect’s. The programme takes the learners on the journey to understand these techniques then demonstrated in a live mix recording.

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