The Finer Details

We offer a range of workshops and development programmes delivered by our team of professional Musicians, Producers and Artists who are currently active in the Music Industry. Our programmes are designed to develop the skills and mindset of the learner, supporting them to advance in their craft and career.

This programme is designed to build young people’s confidence, make their aspiration’s more apparent and help them gain self worth & value while learning a range of new skill’s being steered by the individual’s talent.

The programme aims to achieve this by supporting the individual in producing their own self development plan, identifying their skill’s, strength’s & weaknesses to then build-on and strategically position themselves in line for opportunities and further development. Creative Art careers do not generally follow the conventional career paths. They are usually based on knowing someone, being in the right place at the right time or your material being heard or seen by someone that can help you advance which is only possible if your accessible.

The programme gives artist’s a step by step guide to understand the industry, identifying prospective opportunities, develop the right attitude and mind set, independently package their talent, produce and promote their material using a marketing strategy.

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