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Why us?

Our team are specialists in their field with years of experience and their own story which gives them the desire to share their knowledge as they remember the support that wasn’t available to help their development. Each practitioner is currently active in the music industry so their knowledge and resources are relevant to modern day.

The Benefits.

Through first hand experience we have a good understanding of what it is like coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, and therefore whilst our services are accessible and appropriate for all young people they also have a strong enthuses on the hard-to-reach and socially excluded groups, creating equal opportunities for all.

What difference will it make?

The first goal is to engage the young people and we do this using their own music. Once they are engaged, together we dissect the music, teaching them the skills and processes used to create the finished song. Once they are in a learning frame of mind they are more receptive to learn other skills, so using music we offer alternative education.