The Finer Details

Produce a portfolio style music / media piece with a further development plan to work on independently

Ongoing Programmne

Target Audience:
Students permanently excluded from mainstream education

When students receive permanent exclusion from mainstream education it is usually based on inappropriate conduct which is not compatible within the school environment. It is common for these students to demonstrate they are failing prior to such occurrences.

Alternative provisions are put in place to ensure the young person still receives an education but has the same conventional academic infrastructure. Non-vocational skills are available but at a lower academic value. In many cases these young people feel failed by mainstream education and develop and resentment to any form of these activities and therefore it can be seen as setting these young people up to fail when their academic expectations are similar to those in mainstream.

The purpose of the national education is essential preparation for adult life. The conventional structure of society is still strongly based on academic qualifications or industrial trades but the new digital age has presented new opportunities seeing the rise of bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, social media influencers, e-commerce, digital marketing and many more.

Our programme focuses on the personal and career development of the individual rather their academic expectation and qualifications. Using music and media as the vehicle we are able to incorporate a vast range of additional skills the young people can develop and explore career paths and ways to create opportunities for themselves.

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