The Finer Details

Independently produce a music / media piece

3/6/9 Sessions

Target Audience:
Mainstream Students at risk of exclusion

Early signs of students at risk is disengagement from learning activities which then creates a direct conflict being in a environment specifically designed for learning, and being there for 6 hours a day it is inevitable for the student to find other ways to make use of the time often resulting in mischief and distracting other students.

With a whole list of reasons that may have influenced the student to become disengaged the main focus is to get them reengaged and in some cases will require a different approach and new activities.

Many schools do not have the capacity among their staff and curricular activities to offer an alternative approach which could further lead to the student fulfilling the predicted expectation and becoming excluded.

Our programme uses music and media based activities as the engagement tool and our practitioners support the student in creating their own independent production engaging the student in a range of learning activities.

Once they are engaged in learning it creates the opportunity to ease them back into the curricular learning activities.

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