News 26th Feb 2021

IMIM Network East Midlands is our content and information platform to promote, highlight and showcase young people services, opportunities, talent and art.

Our organisation focuses on supporting young people especially those in disadvantaged circumstances through music and media activities. Our activities provide alternative forms of education and guidance in unconventional career paths. Our specialist areas are music styles, skills and technologies which developed from the black and urban street cultures and have created viable industries and a range of unconventional careers.

In March of 2020 In Music In Media like many other youth service providers was abruptly forced to seize physical delivery with no idea when we were able to resume.

Despite this situation posing many challenges it has also presented many opportunities.

Where possible we adapted online delivery but jumping into this new way and format of working with little preparation we realised there are great benefits we are not tapping into. Therefore over the past 8 months a large proportion of our activities has been based around exploring these delivery methods, resources and techniques.

Prior to the pandemic we were in the process of creating a platform as an outlet to share the amazing work and talent of the young people we work with. The platform covered annual showcases, exhibitions to online broadcasts. Adapting to the online format the network will cater for some of these elements.

A huge support which has enabled our organisation to persevere and grow throughout this difficult time has came from Youth Music National Charity. Prior to Covid-19 we were granted a funding award for the second wave of our Musically Unorthodox project. The project was to be delivered in schools around Northamptonshire. Youth Music has been very supportive and assisted us in modifying the project to still be delivered working with the current restrictions and uncertainty of the foreseeable future. For more information on the Musically Unorthodox project check out

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