The Finer Details

We have portable project studio rigs, easily transportable and quick to set up; with professional engineers, producers and musicians to record at any location that has a power source, making the possibilities and options for recording endless, whether it be a commercial recording project or music workshop for young people.

This programme explores music production and creation using a range of industry standard music production softwares to record digital instrumentation and live instruments. Suitable for beginners who wish to learn their way around the softwares and also experienced users that wish to advance their skills and try new softwares. The programme is also designed to engage young people in general that may not have an interest in creating music but can benefit from it being brilliant method of expressing ones self and a very fun activity.

The advancement of technology has revolutionised music recording from having to hire studios with thousands of pounds worth of equipment to being able to do it from home on a computer. This has made the industry more accessible and the growth of the internet and music uploads sites has created more opportunities for beginners and independent producers and artists.This programmes aims to equip young people with the skills to be able to produce quality original material and maximise the opportunities available to them achieving in what they enjoy doing.

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