The Finer Details

Our events are designed with an edutainment focus incorporating learning into our entertainment. With a skilled team of event organisers we aim to host a range of events through our “BreakThrough’ brand creating opportunities for young people to gain industry experience, knowledge, skills and contacts through performances, network events, workshops & industry focused seminars.

This programme is designed to develop its trainees in project planning, budgeting, marketing, punctuality, people management & people skills which are all essential skills in events management but also useful in a wide range of daily life activities and other occupations. The programme covers all stages of an event; event planning, marketing campaign, event, evaluation & the aftermath. This model can be adaptable to suit all size events from small local  events to large national events.

The programme aims to engage young people through a hands on approach giving an alternative method to academia in learning skills, and also giving young people with an interest in events management entertainment & creative arts an opportunity to gain experience and an introduction to the industry. Event management is an essential tool for independent artist’s as most of their activities will revolve around events; from performing to exhibiting their material and until they reach the success stage where people produce events for them it will be beneficial if they can do it for themselves.

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