mobile-studio-packagOur Music production team each have their own Music career relevant to todays industry; releasing their own material and regularly performing their craft at all levels.

Specialising in different music genres, styles and skills they all share the same passion for helping others advance their music ability to function at a professional level, producing and presenting material at the industry standard.

Mobile Recording Studio
Operating on a mobile basis our producers bring the studio to the client, using a portable Project Studio rig, easily transportable and quick to set up giving you the opportunity to record in the comfort of your own home/ premises. The rig and producers are equipped to; produce high quality original music and record live instruments and vocals. Once the recording is captured at a satisfactory level it then taken away to be mixed at the In Music In Media HQ studio.


Artist Development (Single/EP with Artwork & Strategy)
Personalised Recording Gift (Birthday/ Anniversary Song)
Record Your Talent (Produce a CD recording of your Instrument playing or singing)
Team Building Package (fun activity for employers to use as a team building exercise with staff, working as a team to produce and record a song)


Live Event Recording
mobile-studio-setupWhether it’s a special occasion where you want to capture the audio for sentimental reasons (i.e. Birthday parties or weddings) or your music event you want to record for future commercial sale or promotional CD giveaways/ downloads we can help you. As long as the sound system your using is of good quality we will capture the clean audio, edit and present it in any audio format you require.


Special occasions CD pack (full event recording broken down into individual tracks with artwork)
Event CD Pack (full event recording broken down into DJ/Artist sets with artwork)
Live Band Package (Recording of set, mixed and tracklisted)


Mixing & Producing
Our HQ Studio is private for our producers to work on their own material although we offer the opportunity to work with artist, musicians and record labels on a virtual basis, communicating and collaborating through mediums such as email, skype and file sharing applications.


Mixing Down (Mixing pre-recorded material to an industry standard)
Music Creation (Creating original music for all purposes)
Remixing (re-mixing original songs to create different versions)