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Away from crime towards music
Away from the streets and towards studios & stages

The IMIM BREAKTHROUGH launches the DUBPLATE PROJECT, a new Artist Development programme for aspiring Artists, Musicians, DJs & producers funded by the Arts Council England.

The projects initiative is to offer professional music industry support and mentoring for emerging artists, musicians, producers & DJs who are at an advanced level in their music ability but due to disadvantaged circumstances such as location, ethnic minority backgrounds and social exclusion, opportunities and resources are not easily accessible to them.

The successful applicants will make up the production team consisting of a Rapper, Singer, Producer, DJ and 3 musicians that will work together to create the theme song for the project, using vocals from our surprise guest artist. The team will create various versions of the song including a main mix, remix, acoustic version, acappella and instrumental mix, being supported and mentored by professional artists, musicians, producers and engineers in a professional music recording studio.

Throughout the journey the applicants will be trained in song making – from writing, composing, devising melodies, recording, mixing and mastering before releasing the song in the public domain accompanied by a music video. They will also receive guest talks on copyright and royalties, and record labels.

The project will host the single release party in conjunction with the Dubplate Project launch where the team will get the opportunity to perform alongside a line-up great Artists.

STEM Packs

Rappers / Singers

Download the mix version and record your verse


Download the vocals / drums and play and record an acoustic version


Download the vocal and produce a completely new backing track


Download any elements you need, to remix the song in another genre

Once you have created your version email an mp3 bounce to
Submission closing date: August 2018
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