Musically Unorthodox 19th Aug 2018

InMusic InMedia is running another Musically Unorthodox programme for 8 young people who are currently not in education, employment or training. The young people will work with a team of music professionals at BAM Recording Studio in Northampton, exploring non-traditional music skills such as digital music production, recording, rapping, songwriting and DJing.

Using these skills and collaborating with eachother the group will produce original material accompanied by a live filmed performance that will be aired on the Musically Unorthodox online music TV show.

Throughout the programme each participant will have the opportunity to work on a bronze level Arts Award qualification which they can achieve by the end of the programme.

If you have a young person you would like to enrol on the programme or you are a young person that would like to apply contact us:

Tel: 07762545275 / 07864874270

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