We coach/mentor young people supporting and encouraging their personal development using music and media as our engagement tool.

About In Music In Media

Why we do it

Realising the life changing impact music had on our lives and the preventions it put in place for us unbeknown at the time, inspired me to take the responsibility of creating these opportunities for others (founder “Daniel ‘Hussla D’ Johnson”)

In modern day youth culture doing music is a popular trend which many do with their friends as a pastime, but what also comes with it is a range of non-musical skills such as ICT, marketing, graphics design, visual editing, film directing, business operations and much more.

Many education services fail to recognise this and we have seen numerous cases where young people are underachieving academically, but outside of education doing independent music projects at a high standard, demonstrating a vast range of skill. Therefore working with them we highlight these skills bringing to their attention their ability and what they are already achieving, for example young rappers who demonstrate a great knowledge of vocabulary and use of the english language in their lyrics but are under achieving at school in their English lessons.

How we do it...

We have mobile studio & DJ rigs that we take to the clients locations and within 60 minutes of arrival transform a room into a music and recording studio. We deliver workshops, training and guest talks focusing in 5 areas; DJ Skills, Music Production and Recording, Song Writing, Events production and Artist Development. We have a standard 5 day programme that we offer but we can also design a programme specifically to suit the clients requirements i.e. duration, time, outcomes and budget. Our starting point with the young people is using their chosen music selection to take them through our training processes giving them an insight into all aspects of the music.

Why us?

Our team are specialists in their field with years of experience and their own story which gives them the desire to share their knowledge as they remember the support that wasn’t available to help their development. Each practitioner is currently active in the music industry so their knowledge and resources are relevant to modern day.

The Benefits.

Through first hand experience we have a good understanding of what it is like coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, and therefore whilst our services are accessible and appropriate for all young people they also have a strong enthuses on the hard-to-reach and socially excluded groups, creating equal opportunities for all.

What difference will it make?

The first goal is to engage the young people and we do this using their own music. Once they are engaged, together we dissect the music, teaching them the skills and processes used to create the finished song. Once they are in a learning frame of mind they are more receptive to learn other skills, so using music we offer alternative education.