We coach/mentor young people supporting and encouraging their personal development using music and media as our engagement tool.

About In Music In Media

Why we do it

Music in its entirety is an art form but in many cases only playing of instruments is recognised as a valuable skill, disregarding the art and skill of DJing, rapping, singing, song writing, digital music creation and producing.

Music has helped us to gain a wide range of skills and expertise such as business management, marketing, event management, ICT, graphic design, creative writing, sound engineering, team work, people skills and so much more, proving music to be a good alternative method for learning.

Whilst music kept me occupied and focused especially throughout my teenage years I seen many of my peers get caught up on the wrong side of the law with crime, drugs and alcohol. The ones I saw had an interest in music I encouraged to get involved in my musical activities and projects and before long seen a recognisable difference in their behaviour and outlook on life, Daniel Johnson (Mentor). This is a common success story for many musicians and can help so many more young people if the support is made available. This is the main purpose & drive for what we do.

How we do it...

We deliver workshops, training programmes and guest talks/presentations in five areas; Artist Development, Music Production & Recording, DJ Skills, Song Writing and Events management. Each programme can be tailored towards the customers’ requirements, i.e. the duration, time & location of the programmes. The longer duration of the programmes allows the subjects to be explored in more depth but one-day taster sessions are also useful to skim over the subjects & topics to give the young people an idea of the area and what it entails, then if they so wish they can take it further. All our activities are set up to be delivered on a mobile basis, flexible and adaptable to suit most venues.

Why us?

Our team as individuals have over 16 years of professional experience in DJing, Radio Broadcasting, Sound Engineering, Producing, Recording, Performing, Songwriting, Event organising and Promoting and are all still active in the industry today. Staying current has ensured that we keep up with new technology.

The Benefits.

Our services are aimed at all young people. Through past experiences we have found many of the young people that benefit from these types of programmes are those facing issues from not engaging in school to young offenders. In some cases theses young people can be seen as a greater responsibility.

What difference will it make?

The focus on music and media offers alternative methods to engage young people in learning and development activities. This can be very encouraging and empowering for those who may struggle in certain academic subjects but have a passion and talent in music, media and creative arts, as it will position them to achieve in an area which they have most strength.